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t h e   w o n d r o u s   l o t u s

The several images below are representative of a portfolio of twenty-six, limited edition  archival pigment prints  which present a visual feast of the celebrated lotus. The lotus is an aquatic perennial found in ponds and swampy   areas and cultivated in water gardens.  Considered to be a sacred flower  in some Asian and Middle Eastern  cultures,  the lotus bud rises from the muddy waters and forms an exquisitely beautiful blossom. Because of its life cycle and perfection, the lotus represents purity and rebirth.  It is considered by many to be the most fascinating and wonderful flower in the world. These photographs of the lotus were taken at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington, DC  and the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia.

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Lotus Series No. 21

Lotus Series No. 9

Lotus Series No. 5

Lotus Series No. 16

Lotus Series No. 6

Lotus Series No. 10

Lotus Series No. 8

Lotus Series No. 12

Lotus Series No. 1

Lotus Series No. 3

Lotus Series No. 4

Lotus Series No. 23




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